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See what’s new on the UK modelling scene. You get photos, information and links to where you can buy the latest releases to hit the UK model railway scene.

There’s everything from narrow gauge wagons right through to highly-detailed O scale locos that want to find a home in your model railway room.

20 Nov 2018

Paint samples of Heljan’s OO Scale 33 and 35 Class
Hatton’s has released photos of the new batches of the Class 33 and Class 35 locos that are on their way from Heljan.

There will be 8 versions of the 334 Class and 5 versions of the Hymek. One version of each is shown below.

You can view all the versions and pre-order the 33 Class here and the 35 Class here.

20 Nov 2018

N Scale Beyer Garratt
Hatton’s have announced a new project … an N Scale version of the LMS Beyer Garratt.

The model is expected to hit the shelves in January 2020 and it will feature:

  • A 5-pole motor
  • 18-pin decoder interface
  • All wheel pick-up but only driven from the bunker end
  • RP25 profile wheels
  • Diecast chassis
  • Fully detailed cab

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo that I can use for illustration but you will find photos and more detail here on the Hatton’s website.

13 Nov 2018

7/8th Scale Signal Box
North Pilton Works don’t just produce fine loco and rolling stock kits for Garden Railways, they also produce buildings too.

Their latest kit is this neat little compact signal box that comes with a highly detailed exterior and plenty of interior detail too. 

And you get interior lighting as well.

Find all the details for this fine kit on this page at the North Pilton Works website.

10 Nov 2018

16mm Wagon Kits
Ash Models are releasing a range 16mm rolling stock kits that should really appeal to large-scale, narrow gauge modelers.

The range of kits include:

3-plank wagon with a load of crates

Open sheep wagon

Cattle wagon

Machinery wagon (pictured here)

Single-plank open wagon with load

Brake van

Goods van with opening doors

Open coach

2nd/3rd coach

3rd coach

1st Class luggage van

You can find more information on the Ash Models website

7 Nov 2018

009 Perfection
This exquisite La Meuse 2-6-0T loco is now available in kit form from Narrow Planet.

The kit is produced by Neil Sayer and is designed to run on a Graham Farish 08 mechanism.

You will find more information and an order form here on the Narrow Planet website.


2 Nov 2018

Artwork for Lionheart Trains  O Scale 45xx Loco
The initial artwork for Lionheart Trains 45xx loco has been released and shows a number of variations of lined and unlined green and black.

One variation is shown below and you can see all of them on Lionheart’s Facebook page

11 Oct 2018

Instrument Lighting
Cab lighting in a loco is one thing but having instrument lighting on the dashboard is taking detail to a whole new level but that’s what the guys at the Little Loco Company are talking about adding to the cab of their next 7mm BR loco.

It may not happen this time but now people are talking about it and it is possible it’s only a matter of time before some manufacturer includes it in their loco

5 Oct 2018

Dapol N Scale 50 Class
Dapol have released images of decorated samples of their new 50 Class loco.

On display at Dapol’s recent event were:

  • 2 locos – D406 and 50043 – in early BR blue 
  • 1 loco – 50040 Leviathan – in BR blue with the large logo
  • 1 loco – 50037 Illustrius – in original NSE livery and
  • 1 loco – 50007 Sir Edward Elgar in BR lined green for Dapol Collectors Club members

These liveries are for review purposes and could be changed before production starts.

You can see all the above liveries in the Dapol blog here.

4 Oct 2018

More 07 shunters in OO Scale from Heljan
Heljan has announced nine new variants of their neat little Class 07 shunter will be released sometime in the first three months of 2019.

These include new liveries for BR blue and BR green along with:

  • BR Eastleigh Works green
  • Powell Duffryn blue and white and
  • ICI Wilton grey and orange

You can pre-order yours on this page on the Hatton’s website

4 Oct 2018

British Rail BTH Type 1 / Class 15 loco in O Scale
Hatton’s is offering three variations of this loco from the Little Loco Company at a great price point.

The loco normally retails for around 375GBP but Hattons is offering it for 260GBP. This link will take you to the order page on Hatton’s website.

This model features a diecast chassis, sprung buffers, a detailed cab and fine exterior detail and the three variations are:

  • All green
  • Green with full yellow ends and
  • Green with half yellow ends.

DCC and sound fitted versions are also available.


3 Oct 2018

7/8th scale standard slate wagon

The latest kit from North Pilton Works is this 7/8th scale standard slate wagon.

This is a kit that’s designed for garden railways and it produces a sturdy wagon that comes with 25mm steel wheels, roller bearings on the axle boxes and full brake detail.

You will find more details and a ‘buy’ link right here.

26 Sept 2018

BR 08 shunter in O scale
Dapol have released the classic 08 Class shunter in O Scale. These locomotives were developed by the LMS before WWII and went on to become the standard BR shunter for many years.

These locos went well beyond England with similar locomotives operating in Holland and in Victoria, Australia.

16 of this type of locomotive made it to Victoria where 10 entered service with VR as their F Class and another six were originally purchased by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria. Those 6 eventually became part of the VR fleet too.

This loco is ideal for the VR modeller who may be looking for a small shunting loco that requires almost no work. Simply paint the running board red, add class numbers where appropriate, remove the emblem, add the necessary piping for air brakes and you almost have a VR version of the 08. 

The loco is available from Hattons in the UK and you will find it at the other end of this link.

13 Sept 2018

For the British N Scale modeller
Bachmann have released images of their engineering samples for the Thompson coaches that will be available soon under the Graham Farish brand.

Four different coaches will be released including, Brake Third, Composite Corridor, First Corridor and Third Corridor and they will be available in LNER teak and BR crimson and cream.

No firm release date has been set but you can pre-order them over on the Hattons website and the link will take you direct to the correct page.

The images below show the Brake Third and the Composite Corridor


13 Sept 2018

Rolling stock and accessories for 7/8th scale
North Pilton Works have announced the release of 3 rolling stock kits … an open wagon, a covered van and a guards van … and a set of semaphore signals for 7/8th scale.

The open wagon features planked and beaded sides and a working drop-down door.

The covered van features planked and beaded sides and a sliding door while the guards van features glazing and a full interior complete with lights. There’s also a working tail lamp.

The working semaphore signals feature a working LED lamp with coloured lenses.

For more details follow the link to the manufacturer’s website.


27 July 2018

More new coaches from Hornby
Hornby have just received two different versions of Maunsell’s 59′ Kitchen/Dining First

Construction of these cars commenced in 1925 and they were soon working the long distance expresses to the West Country. 

The initial order was for six coaches and another 20 coaches followed with four more in 1929 and another 10 in 1930

Hornby’s models represent the coach in Era 3 (top photo) and Era 4/5 (bottom photo).

You can click here to order the Era 3 coach and here for the Era 4/5 coach direct from the Hornby website.

14 July 2018

New BR coaches from Hornby
Hornby have just received a shipment of Collett ‘Bow Ended’ corridor coaches in BR crimson and cream.

These handsome coaches lasted in BR service until December 1962 / January 1963.

The models include:

  • a corridor third class coach,
  • a corridor composite (right-hand) coach
  • a corridor composit (left-hand) coach
  • a corridor brake third (right-hand) coach and
  • a corridor brake third (left-hand) coach.

The model in the photo below is a corridor brake third (left hand) coach.

Click here for more information on the Hornby website.

11 July 2018

A new OO Scale loco from Heljan
Heljan have announced a new model of British Rail’s Class 25/3 loco.

This particular version of the Class 25 was built between December 1963 and April 1967 and the model will be available in 10 versions of the prototype as well as 2 unpowered versions that were rebuilt as train heating units.

Heljan is becoming known as the leader in producing highly detailed loco models and it looks as though the Class 25/3 will be no different.

The only bad news is that it’s not going to be available till some time in 2019.