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16 December 17

Dapol announced today that they are working on two new OO models.

The first is a GWR Class 43 2-6-0 while the second is a GWR Class 61 Large Prairie 2-6-2T. Unfortunately we won’t be seeing either of them until sometime in the first three months of 2019


The start of an interesting model from Prestige Models Australia

14 December 17

What’s this?
It’s the start of an interesting HO model that will soon be available from Prestige Models Australia … but what is it?

Follow the link and you can see for yourself.

Southern Rail Models XGAY Grain Hoppers

14 December 17

XGAY hoppers in HO
Southern Rail Models XGAY grain hoppers are now available in a range of liveries from Australian Modeller.

Southern Rail Models XGAY Grain Hoppers

14 December 17

N Scale 42, GM, S & B Class locos
Badgers Bits has announced that the production run of the above locos has now finished and they should be here in about 3 weeks … as long as they don’t get held up in customs.

Some of the Auscision C class locos due for release in 2018

13 December 17

The Auscision C Class
Auscision have announced that they will have a model of the VR C Class available in 2018 and they are already taking pre-orders.

The Auscision model will be available in all liveries … and there have been quite a few over the 40 years since the class first entered service.

The loco will be available with ESU LokSound Select sound decoders with Full Throttle feature that will include prototypical sounds that the Auscision team have recorded here in Australia from their ow SSR C Class.

The sound will be run through their newly designed sugar cube style twin speaker system that will project the sound out through the roof fans with high volume.

A non-sound version will also be available and you can pre-order both (or either) model here.

New Atlas products for December 2017

10 December 17

Atlas have released their product updates for December.

O Scale
New paint schemes for their Trinity covered hopper and new paint schemes and road numbers for their PRR H21A hopper

HO Scale
New paint schemes and road numbers for their EMD MP15AC locomotive and their NE-6 Caboose

N Scale
New paint schemes for their post-war 40′ boxcar with 6′, 7′ and 8′ door

The next loco from SDS Models - the VR C Class

10 December 17

SDS Models have announced their next loco and it will be the very popular VR C class.

This model is based upon the old Austrains C class tooling but there have been several upgrades including an LED headlight and the same can motor that is used in SDS Models NR class.

The model will be available in a variety of liveries and the ones shown in this photo will be exclusive to Australian Modeller


Original panelled EHO Guard's Vans from the NSWGR

8 December 17

SDS Models have announced that their original panelled versions of the NSWGR EHO brake vans will be available in two different paint schemes

The 1920s tuscan with gold lining and white lead roof will be available along with the 1940s version that was painted Venetian red with light straw lining and Navy dressing on the roof.

SDS Models will also be releasing the same body liveries with a weathered roof option.

Full details will be available on their website.


CGL Models HO scale model of a QR HWO wagon

8 December 17

Not far away now

CGL models from Bundaberg is the newest manufacturer of QR rolling stock to join the fray and their first offering is not far away.

Their HWO and HWOS QR open wagons could still arrive before Christmas.

Find out more at their website or their Facebook page.

SDS Models 81 Class pilot model

8 December 17

Another Aussie model that’s not far away

SDS Models shared this photo of the pilot model of their 81 Class project back in September so it won’t be long before the production run arrives and it’s something for Aussie modellers to look forward to.

Modern image modellers will get a loco that might have started off in NSW but can now be found anywhere from Brisbane to Perth and plenty of places in between and with all that detail this loco is going to have plenty of appeal.

SDS models have also worked to keep this model’s speed compatibility and haulage capability in line with the earlier 81 Class that was produced by Austrains. That’s a great move because there are a lot of those earlier models still in use today.


On18 scale vertical boiler steam loco casting

6 December 17

If you like your steam locos to be a little quirky … different … out of the box … then this little vertical boilered steam loco in On18 scale from Railway Recollections is right up your alley.

It’s a fairly simple kit but a couple of small parts do require a little sanding but at $US35.00 it’s a bargain.

You can contact Railway Recollections via their Facebook page by clicking here

Road and Rail Resin 68-71 ACCO truck

4 December 17

Road and Rail Resin’s latest release of the HO version of the 1968-1971 ACCO truck brings back memories … not of driving them but of often getting stuck behind them on the long climb up from Murrurundi. 

They had a lot of grunt but it didn’t seem to transfer into speed and a pushbike rider could even pass one going up that hill.

Production of the single drive prime mover kit has commenced, as well as the first parts for an 8 wheeler version, and a second run of the 20′ Tray kit because the first run has sold out.

You can pre-order yours here

NSWR 2-bay signal relay hut in HO

1 December 17

Signals Branch has just released something that almost every NSW modeller who models in HO needs for their layout … the 2-bay concrete signal relay hut.

Almost without a doubt this type of building outnumbered every other type of railway building on the New South Wales Railway and the kit is available in both the frame-mounted and ground level variants.

The link to the Signals Branch Shapeways shop is here and you can find more information about the signal relay hut here.

30 November17

SDS Models have announced that they currently have a range of early model 20′ containers in production and they are expected to arrive in February 2018.

Most Australian modellers probably wouldn’t recognise the codes for these containers but they will certainly recognise the containers from photos SDS Models have supplied.

You will find those photos along with diagrams and a link to an order form here.