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13 Sept 2018

Baldwin VO-1000 in N scale
Baldwin built their VO-1000 switcher between 1939 and 1946 and it proved to be their most popular diesel. 548 units were built for large and small railroads across the US.

None remain in service although a number have been preserved at various museums.

Atlas have announced that the N scale, analog version of their Baldwin VO-1000 is now arriving in hobby shops so if you’ve been looking for one of these units for your model railroad here is your chance.

The Atlas model’s features include:

NCE Decoders
Directional lighting
Step guards and exhaust stacks as appropriate per railroad
Blackened metal wheels
Factory-equipped with AccuMate® knuckle couplers (the loco can not be retro-fitted with Rapido couplers)
Slower speed motor for closer to scale speeds

You will find further technical information about these models here


Atlas N scale Baldwin VO-1000 loco

13 Sept 2018

New GE Tier 4 GEVO ET44’s from ScaleTrains.com
If you model the big power US scene then take a look at these soon-to-be-released locos ScaleTrains.com.

These locos will be available in the following paint schemes:

Pre-production GE Test

GE Demonstrator

Navajo Mining (shown in the image)*

Norfolk Southern

Union Pacific

BNSF Heritage

And the list of features for each paint scheme is VERY impressive. It’s far too long to list here so head over to this page on website and get your order in.

These models haven’t been released but, as I write this, 2 versions are already sold out.

  • This is a photo of a pre-production model and some details may change
ScaleTrains.com GE Tier 4 GEVO model locomotive

13 Sept 2018

For the British N Scale modeller
Bachmann have released images of their engineering samples for the Thompson coaches that will be available soon under the Graham Farish brand.

Four different coaches will be released including, Brake Third, Composite Corridor, First Corridor and Third Corridor and they will be available in LNER teak and BR crimson and cream.

No firm release date has been set but you can pre-order them over on the Hattons website and the link will take you direct to the correct page.

The images below show the Brake Third and the Composite Corridor


Graham Farish Thompson Brake Third
Graham Farish Thompson Composite Corridor

13 Sept 2018

Rolling stock and accessories for 7/8th scale
North Pilton Works have announced the release of 3 rolling stock kits … an open wagon, a covered van and a guards van … and a set of semaphore signals for 7/8th scale.

The open wagon features planked and beaded sides and a working drop-down door.

The covered van features planked and beaded sides and a sliding door while the guards van features glazing and a full interior complete with lights. There’s also a working tail lamp.

The working semaphore signals feature a working LED lamp with coloured lenses.

For more details follow the link to the manufacturer’s website.


North Pilton Works 7/8th scale open wagon kit
North Pilton Works 7/8th scale covered van kit
North Pilton Works 7/8th scale semaphore kit

1 Sept 2018

Innifail Tramway Models – Australian HOn30
Ok, I have to admit that I must have been asleep when these two models were announced but now I know about them I just have to mention them here.

But a little background first. 

The Innisfail Tramway was the only government-owned 610mm railway in Queensland. There were … and are … many other narrow gauge lines in Queensland but this was the only Government owned line. It was also one of only two 610mm gauge lines that operated year round because it served more than just a sugar mill.

While models of some of the rolling stock used on this line have been available in O scale for some time these are the first general-purpose items of stock available in HO.

These two items … the H Class open wagon and the C Class Van have been released under the Cane Trains label; a joint effort of Lyndon Summers and Phil Badger. These are two well-known Aussie modellers.

The H Class wagon comes as a one-piece kit with Microtrain bogies while the C Class van is a kit that consists of wagon body and chassis, wire and styrene, and Microtrains bogies.

Both items are very reasonably priced and are available from Lyndon’s Trains … the links will take you direct to the product pages

Innisfail Tramway H Class open wagon in HOn30
Innisfail Tramway C Class van in HOn30

23 August 2018

Modelling the early days of the NSWGR in HO?
First there were some wagons … then there were carriages … then there was a loco … and now we have a brake van!

Traction Scale Models are producing a 3D printed model of a Hudson Brothers Brake Van and it looks good and comes at a reasonable price too.

You can buy the wagon online via this link to TSM’s Shapeways shop.

Traction Scale Model's HO model of a Hudson Bros Brake Van

27 July 2018

More new coaches from Hornby
Hornby have just received two different versions of Maunsell’s 59′ Kitchen/Dining First

Construction of these cars commenced in 1925 and they were soon working the long distance expresses to the West Country. 

The initial order was for six coaches and another 20 coaches followed with four more in 1929 and another 10 in 1930

Hornby’s models represent the coach in Era 3 (top photo) and Era 4/5 (bottom photo).

You can click here to order the Era 3 coach and here for the Era 4/5 coach direct from the Hornby website.

Maunsell Dining Car from Hornby
Maunsell Dining Car from Hornby

14 July 2018

New BR coaches from Hornby
Hornby have just received a shipment of Collett ‘Bow Ended’ corridor coaches in BR crimson and cream.

These handsome coaches lasted in BR service until December 1962 / January 1963.

The models include:

  • a corridor third class coach,
  • a corridor composite (right-hand) coach
  • a corridor composit (left-hand) coach
  • a corridor brake third (right-hand) coach and
  • a corridor brake third (left-hand) coach.

The model in the photo below is a corridor brake third (left hand) coach.

Click here for more information on the Hornby website.

New Collett

12 July 2018

Tank cars and more tank cars
SDS Models  have just received batches of 6 Vacuum bitumen cars and 6 weathered versions of the 38′ VR rail tank car. 

Both types of tank car are available in sets of 3 and you will find them at the end of this link.

Bitumen tank cars from SDS models
 6 weathered versions of the 38' VR rail tank car from SDS Models

11 July 2018

A new OO Scale loco from Heljan
Heljan have announced a new model of British Rail’s Class 25/3 loco.

This particular version of the Class 25 was built between December 1963 and April 1967 and the model will be available in 10 versions of the prototype as well as 2 unpowered versions that were rebuilt as train heating units.

Heljan is becoming known as the leader in producing highly detailed loco models and it looks as though the Class 25/3 will be no different.

The only bad news is that it’s not going to be available till some time in 2019.


Class 26/3 in OO scale by Heljan

8 July 2018

Small country town cop shop
Head out into the bush here in Australia and sooner or later you come on a small town with a police station that looks just like this and now your small country town can have it’s own one or two-man station.

You’ll find it on the Model Train Buildings website in the next couple of days


Small town Australia's typical cop shop

8 July 2018

Yosemite Shortline Caboose
Coming soon from Railway Recollections is this rather neat little caboose.


Yosemite Shortline Caboose in On30

1 July 2018

A different coaling facility in HO
When most modellers think of coal facilities they think of either something quite simple or something that has a very large footprint that includes an incline for coal wagons to be shunted to a spot above where the locos would stop to top up their tenders.

The loco depot in Orange, New South Wales needed something with a lot more capacity than a simple coaling stage but didn’t have enough room for something with a large footprint so a coal hoist was installed. It gave a lot of capacity with a very small footprint.

While the old loco depot in Orange is still in existence the coaling hoist has long gone but now you can have a model of it thanks to Model Train Buildings.

You will find more information about the kit here

You can catch Stuart at an exhibition or you can order direct from his website


The Orange coaling hoist in HO scale

1 July 2018

WAGR Prospector Cars in HO
Latitude 32 Models have been  at it again and their latest release is a model of the WCA and WCE Prospector cars in HO.

You will find more images of the model here

And if you want to order the model give Latitude 32 a call on 0419 016 735


Latitude 32 Models' version of the WAGR Prospector cars

21 June 2018

Hopper wagons for SA and NT modellers
Marbelup Models have released a model of the ENH/ENHA hopper wagon in kit form 3 different scales.

It is available in Sn3½, HOn3½ and TTn3½ and even modellers of the NAR will be interested because these wagons first saw service carrying iron ore in the Northern Territory from about 1966.

During the late 1970’s the wagons were transferred to South Australia for use on the Eyre Peninsula where they were used to carry ballast, gypsum and superphosphate.

Kits for this interesting wagon are available from Westrail Models the link will take you straight to the order page.


ENH / ENHA wagon kit from Westrail Models available in Sn3.5 - HOn3.5 and TTn3.5

20 June 2018

VR U Class Vans in N Scale
Coming very soon from Spirit Design are two 4-wheel variations of the VR U Class louvered van in N Scale.

These are exquisite models … just look at the crisp detail on U1501 … but then you would expect nothing less from this manufacturer.

Head over to the website and check out what he has to offer.

U Class 4-wheel louvre van in N Scale from Spirit Design
U Class 4-wheel louvre van in N Scale from Spirit Design

5 June 2018

New Tank Wagons from SDS Models
SDS Models have received a batch of 4 new models in their 10,000 gallon tank car range just in time for the Epping club’s exhibition at Rose Hill.

The new additions include:

  • a 2 dome Ampol tanker
  • a 2 dome Mobil tanker
  • a 3 dome Shell tanker in silver and
  • a 2 dome Caltex tanker.

The quality and attention to detail looks every bit as good as previous releases and you see more on the SDS Models website.

4 new 10,000 gallon tank cars from SDS Models

1 June 2018

The first passenger carriage
For some years now there has been a group of modellers who have moved well away from the mainstream.

These guys aren’t buying the big diesels … or the small ones for that matter. They aren’t buying modern rolling stock either … these guys are going right back to model the first railways that ran in Australia.

For a long time modelling that era has meant that you had to scratchbuild just about everything but not anymore. Of course we haven’t reached the point where there are highly detailed models that you can buy off the shelf but, thanks to 3D printing, you can now buy a few rolling stock kits from that time period.

The latest … or maybe it’s the first … kit is a model of the first First Class carriage to run in NSW way back in 1855. The model is produced by Traction Scale Models this link will take you straight to the kit on the Shapeways website.

Of course you don’t have to be modelling that early era to find a place for this carriage on your website. Those early carriages hung around for years after they were taken out of revenue service so there might be a call for one on your work train.

This early passenger carriage isn’t the first model to be produced by Traction Scale Models, they have quite a range of Australian and Japanese trams and detail parts and you will find them by following the link to their site on Shapeways.

Early NSWGR passenger car kit

1 June 2018

Hornby’s new milk tanker
Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for anything that’s different or quirky and that’s why Hornby’s new milk tanker caught my eye.

It’s a six wheeler … not something you see a lot of … and the quality looks really good just so long as you don’t think about those horrible couplers.

If you model English prototypes then these milk tankers might look good on your layout. You will find more information and bigger images on the Hornby website

Six-wheel milk tankers from Hornby

23 May 2018

More S wagons are coming
If you’re a NSW modeller of the steam or early diesel eras you’ll know that you can never have too many S wagons and that’s you should start saving now because SDS Models are bringing out more S wagons.

These S wagons are expected in September and they will include:

  • 3 different 5-packs of the S wagons that were used in “wire train” service between Newcastle and Ashfield and
  • 3-packs of the 1945 timber bodied wagons

The wire train versions will carry numbers that were specifically used in that service. They will be fitted with disc wheels and have the buffers removed as per the prototype.

The 1945 versions will be fitted with spoked wheels and buffers.

Check out the SDS Models website to see if you can pre-order them

More S trucks from SDS Models
More S trucks from SDS Models

23 May 2018

A Large Country Farmhouse in N and HO
Model Train Buildings
have released a great look laser-cut farmhouse kit so typical of the main house you still find on many larger country properties.

If you’ve never assembled a wood laser-cut kit before this kit might be a something of a challenge but if you’ve got some experience under your belt then this kit shouldn’t be a huge challenge.

The kit, which the manufacturer calls ‘a mansion’ is available in both N Scale and HO Scale direct from the manufacturer and here are direct links to the kits.

N Scale

HO Scale

Large country farmhouse from Model Train Buildings

3 May 2018

WAGR/Westrail A Class
Latitude 32 Models have released a 3D printed body for the WAGR/Westrail A Class diesel loco.

Latitude 32 Models is a true cottage industry so there’s no website, just a Facebook page with more photos of this model and their previous releases. Orders are taken by phone

Latitude 32 Models have released this 3D printed model of the WAGR/Westrail A Class diesel loco

2 May 2018

Hornby Class 87 Electric
Hornby have announced via their regular newsletter that the newly tooled 87 Class models are not far away.

Hornby have released images of two locos – the standard Era 7 yellow nose/blue body ‘Robbie Burns’ seen in the photo here and an Era 7 Intercity liveried ‘King Arthur’.

The model is “sound ready” and features a 5-pole, skew wound, motor along with separate handrails and roof and body details

The new Hornby 87 Class is available for pre-order from Hornby’s online shop that you can access via this link

The new Hornby 87 Class electric loco in OO scale

1 May 2018

Bachmann’s announces a new Baldwin 2-8-0 with DCC and sound
Bachmann has announced the imminent release of a DCC sound-equipped 2-8-0. It includes our Sound Value SoundTraxx® steam package with authentic prototypical chuff, short and long whistles, bell, air pump, steam release, and blower—all in 16-bit polyphonic sound.

This model also features fine-scale detailing and E-Z Mate®Mark II couplers.

Features include:
  • DCC sound-equipped
  • dual-mode NMRA-compliant decoder
  • precision motor
  • operating headlight
  • die-cast chassis
  • completely hidden drive train
  • detailed cab interior
  • separate sanding lines
  • metal side rods
  • builder’s plate
  • die-cast, fine-scale driver spokes
  • crew figures

The model will be released as:

Southern #630

Pennsylvania #7748

NYC #1137

Union Pacific #730

Santa Fe #2508

Bachmann's 2-8-0 with DCC and sound

29 April 2018

Another Shipment of Locos for Ixion
Ixion have been advised that their next shipment of locomotives should arrive in Australia on May 1.

It will take a couple of days for them to clear Customs but as soon as they are available they will be added to the Ixion website and, shortly after that, they will be available from Ixion stockists.

27 April 2018

N-Drive Productions
N-Drive productions has just announced that it has arranged to take over the Backwoods Miniatures range of 4mm Irish stock and the 3 009 contractor loco kits.

Backwoods Miniatures ceased trading in 2016 and the N-Drive website has yet to be updated to reflect the above announcement but, if you want more information there is a contact form on the website.

13 April 2018

Track Planning Software.
Atlas has just released an updated version of its FREE downloadable track planning software

You can download a copy here.

3 March 2018

Bachmann’s 2018 catalogue is out.
The 340-page combined Bachmann Trains/Williams by Bachmann catalog is now available.

It features brand-new items in every scale as well as new roadnames and roadnumbers for popular items.

You can order a hard copy or download PDFs of both sections here.

Bachmann's 2018 catalogue

3 March 2018

Replacement funnel for the Austrains C30 Class
Ray Pilgrim from Signals Branch has just released another of his mini-masterpieces. This time it’s a replacement funnel for the HO scale C30 that Austrains released recently.

Ray’s version of the funnel has no die join line and has the correct number of bolts around the flange.

You can buy one at Ray’s shop on Shapeways … click here to go straight to the funnel page.

C30 class replacement funnel for the Austrains model

18 February 2018

Hornby’s J36
Hornby says that we can expect to see the various J36 models in August this year and they have a number of photos of pilot models here.

The first locos entered service in 1903 and some lasted right through to 1967. The loco that Hornby as a basis for their model was the preserved ‘Maude’.

This loco entered service in 1891, went to France during WWI and returned to England in 1919. The name ‘Maude’ was bestowed on the loco on it’s return.

Maude was one of the final two of this class to be withdrawn in 1967 and today the loco is preserved and is under the care of the Scottish Railway Preservation Society.

Hornby have produced a fine model and, with such a long history, it is sure to be popular with modellers.

Pilot model for Hornby's J36 model

18 February 2018

Aussie road vehicles
Auscision have to be the most prolific producer of Australian trains and now they have turned their attention to road vehicles.

The vehicles shown here are paint samples of the Commodore and Falcon models that will be available soon … so some detail parts are missing at the moment.

The models are made from plastic to keep the weight down so you’ll be able to load up your car carriers as well as place them on the roads on your layout … and the prototypes were built tough so don’t be afraid to drop them onto some dirt tracks on your layout too.

While there is no definite release date just yet they’re not far away.

Aussie road vehicles from Auscision
Aussie road vehicles from Auscision

7 February 2018

One for the HO WAGR modeller
The latest offering from Latitude32 is the standard gauge WAGR / Western Mining wagon that was used in nickle traffic between Kalgoorlie and Leonora.

This casting will come with the appropriate decals but you need to supply bogies and couplers.

For more information follow the link to Latitude32’s Facebook page. 

the latest model from Latitude 32 is the WAGR standard gauge WNA wagon

7 February 2018

Another pilot model from SDS
SDS Models have just received another pilot model of the upcoming Australian 81 Class locomotive.

This one is hand painted and and hand assembled and has been provided by the factory so SDS can assess the colour selections and the retooled fan covers and radiator intakes. SDS say that they’re still not 100% happy with the new tooling but it’s not far off going into production.

SDS Models 81 Class pilot model