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See what’s new on the Australian modelling scene. You get photos, information and links to where you can buy the latest releases to hit the UK model railway scene.

There’s everything from buildings right through to highly-detailed locos that want to find a home in your model railway room.

12 Nov 2018

SAR 600 Class Diesel in HO
Auscision Models have announced that they are currently developing a model of the SAR 600 Class diesel and it should be here in Australia in late 2019.

As with just about every Australian diesel or steam loco there are variations … and there were only 7 locos in the class … so Auscision is producing all 7 locomotive numbers spread across 5 different liveries.

All 3 basic liveries of red and silver, mustard pot and ANR green will be included.

The models will be available in either Standard DC or DCC with sound and Ausicion is taking orders now.

Head over to this page on their website for more information.


10 Nov 2018

16 versions of a humble little Guards Van
Casula Hobbies have released 16 different versions of the humble little HG Guards Van

This class of 4-wheel Guards Van was introduced around 1900 and some were still in use as departmental vehicles into the late 1970s. There was one departmental version parked behind the old Lithgow Railway Station as late as 1977.

Over the years various members of the class were altered to carry passengers in one or two compartments, some were modified for use in overhead wiring trains, some had foot-boards at one end only while others had boards that ran the length of the van. 

Perhaps the most famous of all the HG Guards Vans was the one used on the Yass Tramway and that model is just one of the variants that Casula Hobbies have produced.

We’ve included photos of four of the variants here and you will find all of them on the Casula Hobbies website.


7 Nov 2018

Auscision releases paint samples for the 422
Auscision have released images of 13 different paint schemes that will be worn by the 422 Class that they are releasing in 2019.

We’ve included four of those schemes here and you can see the rest … and order your model … here on the Auscision website.

Auscision is warning that these models are selling fast and there’s only a limited number so …

18 Oct 2018

One of So Many
There was a time when lines of private owner non-air coal hoppers could be seen everywhere you looked on the coalfields around Newcastle but of course the lines have now gone and all that remains are a few in museums.

Fortunately, for modellers, there have been HO versions of these hoppers around for years and now we have a new model … and possibly the best yet … from Phoenix Reproductions.

They’re now available in 10-packs in a range of owner/paint schemes for $440 a pack and you can see the full range at Australian Modeller

17 Oct 2018

New HO Scale Buildings from Queensland Railway Miniatures
Queensland Railway Miniatures has just released 2 cast resin kits that should really appeal to QR last century.

The first model is a cast resin kit of the wooden staff station that stood for many years at a crossing loop between Kunwarara and Marlborough. It was finally demolished some time in the 1990s

The second model is another cast resit kit of a 1914 standard Lamp Room & Earth Closet. 

Both kits come with everything you will need with the exception of paint and glue.

You can buy the kits online at QRM’s shop on Shapeways.




4 Oct 2018

Ultra-fine detail parts for QR modellers
Wuiske Models has released a number of new packs in their line of ultra-fine detail parts.

The latest release includes:

  • Air hoses produced from the original QR drawings
  • Drop-door stops
  • Standard Combination Brake sets … each pack contains enough details for one wagon
  • Early freight buffers that allowed closer coupling for the prototype 

You will find these detail parts and more on this page of the Wuiske Models website

4 Oct 2018

N Scale NR Class diesels for Aussie modellers
SDS Models have announced that we can expect to see the first engineering samples of an N Scale NR Class in January 2019.

By the comments that I’ve seen around Facebook it looks as though this is going to be a very popular model when it finally hits the market sometime in the third quarter of 2019

1 Oct 2018

NSWGR 43 Class diesel and stock wagons in N scale

BadgerBits has released a model of the NSWGR 43 class along with some cattle and sheep wagons.

Unfortunately we haven’t seen photos of them yet and they are not showing on the BadgerBits website but they were on sale at the Liverpool exhibition and I guess that it won’t be long before they hit the hobby shops that stock BadgerBits and Gopher Models products.

And there’s more to come … this undecorated model of a NSW coal hopper was on display at Liverpool and will be released soon.

29 Sept 2018

Auscision announces the NSWGR 80 Class in HO

Auscision has announced that they will have a model of the NSWGR 80 Class diesel loco available in early 2019.The model will be available in standard DC and DCC sound versions.

The sound version will include a 21-pin ESU LokSound Select decoder with twin speakers in a Vandersound speaker and the sound system will include prototypical sound files that have been recorded in Australia.

The DCC sound versions will be built to order so get your order in early because only a limited number of the DCC sound versions will be produced.

The model will be offered in Indian Red, Reverse, Candy, Bicentennial, Freight Blue and PN with several different road numbers in each livery.

Auscision are offering a substantial discount for modellers who pre-order so get your orders in now.

You will find an order form here

25 Sept 2018

NSWGR 70 Class loco in HO
IDR Models have announced that they will be releasing their latest loco model … the NSWGR 70 Class diesel-hydraulic shunter … at next weekend’s Liverpool exhibition.

Think of the prototype and most people would think of Port Kembla and they did spend a lot of years shunting the wharves and numerous sidings around that industrial area … but they also appeared in other places around Sydney too.

IDR Models are offering the model in all the colour schemes that adorned the class over the years along with some detail variants as well. You can see the full range on their website and even buy the loco there too.

25 Sept 2018

SCT well wagons from Auscision
Auscision have just received a very limited run of  HO scale PWWY well wagons that come complete with 2 48′ SCT containers.

There are 4 different numbers available but if you want one you’re going to have to get your order in fast because this is a VERY limited run.

You can find an order form here. 

25 Sept 2018

Typical East Coast milking shed in HO
I have to admit that I had a flash of nostalgia when I saw the latest kit from Model Train Buildings. About 50 years ago I spent some time in a shed not unlike this one doing some hand-milking every morning.

If you’ve got a farm on your Australian layout then here is the perfect building that will go well with that mob of cows out in the paddock … just so long as they’re dairy cattle.

This kit features laser cut timber frame with weatherboard panels and metal corrugation and it takes up a space of 105x110mm

You can pick up the milking shed kit at any of the exhibitions that Stuart attends … and he does attend quite a few … or you can order it online direct from the Model Train Buildings website

24 Sept 2018

NSW 72’6″ Supplementary Cars
On Track Models have announced that their next model will be the MFH and MFA Supplementary cars. 

These models will feature highly detailed bodies, underframes and bogies and will come equipped with Kadee couplers. Minimum radius for these cars is said to be 22 inches.

Samples and order forms will be available at the Liverpool exhibition and you can also find more information on their website.


24 Sept 2018

Return of the NSWGR 73 Class
Auscision Models have announced that the re-run of their 73 class loco is currently in production and should leave their Chinese factory early in November.

These locos will feature a newly designed 5-pole skew-wound motor along with a PC board that will take an ESU Micro decoder.

The re-run will include original tuscan, reverse, candy, red-terror, blue, XPT and a number of private owner paint schemes.

Production numbers will be limited so get your order in now.

You will find more details and an order form here


1 Sept 2018

Innifail Tramway Models – Australian HOn30
Ok, I have to admit that I must have been asleep when these two models were announced but now I know about them I just have to mention them here.

But a little background first. 

The Innisfail Tramway was the only government-owned 610mm railway in Queensland. There were … and are … many other narrow gauge lines in Queensland but this was the only Government owned line. It was also one of only two 610mm gauge lines that operated year round because it served more than just a sugar mill.

While models of some of the rolling stock used on this line have been available in O scale for some time these are the first general-purpose items of stock available in HO.

These two items … the H Class open wagon and the C Class Van have been released under the Cane Trains label; a joint effort of Lyndon Summers and Phil Badger. These are two well-known Aussie modellers.

The H Class wagon comes as a one-piece kit with Microtrain bogies while the C Class van is a kit that consists of wagon body and chassis, wire and styrene, and Microtrains bogies.

Both items are very reasonably priced and are available from Lyndon’s Trains … the links will take you direct to the product pages

23 August 2018

Modelling the early days of the NSWGR in HO?
First there were some wagons … then there were carriages … then there was a loco … and now we have a brake van!

Traction Scale Models are producing a 3D printed model of a Hudson Brothers Brake Van and it looks good and comes at a reasonable price too.

You can buy the wagon online via this link to TSM’s Shapeways shop.

12 July 2018

Tank cars and more tank cars
SDS Models  have just received batches of 6 Vacuum bitumen cars and 6 weathered versions of the 38′ VR rail tank car. 

Both types of tank car are available in sets of 3 and you will find them at the end of this link.

8 July 2018

Small country town cop shop
Head out into the bush here in Australia and sooner or later you come on a small town with a police station that looks just like this and now your small country town can have it’s own one or two-man station.

You’ll find it on the Model Train Buildings website in the next couple of days


1 July 2018

A different coaling facility in HO
When most modellers think of coal facilities they think of either something quite simple or something that has a very large footprint that includes an incline for coal wagons to be shunted to a spot above where the locos would stop to top up their tenders.

The loco depot in Orange, New South Wales needed something with a lot more capacity than a simple coaling stage but didn’t have enough room for something with a large footprint so a coal hoist was installed. It gave a lot of capacity with a very small footprint.

While the old loco depot in Orange is still in existence the coaling hoist has long gone but now you can have a model of it thanks to Model Train Buildings.

You will find more information about the kit here

You can catch Stuart at an exhibition or you can order direct from his website


1 July 2018

WAGR Prospector Cars in HO
Latitude 32 Models have been  at it again and their latest release is a model of the WCA and WCE Prospector cars in HO.

You will find more images of the model here

And if you want to order the model give Latitude 32 a call on 0419 016 735