Stunning Narrow Gauge Modeling From Australia

In my wanderings around the Net I stumbled across this site and found a treasure trove of images of some outstanding Australian and American narrow gauge models and layouts.

When you get to the site use the links down the left hand side of the page to explore some of those layouts. The realism is incredible.

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3 Responses to Stunning Narrow Gauge Modeling From Australia

  1. Brad says:

    The link dosen’t seem to be working, for me anyway.
    On30 has been in and out of mind quite a lot in recent years. Have given much thought to a sugar cane railway in this scale, even though I know the track gauge would then be 2ft6 or something.
    The 2006 trip to Fiji has me contemplating a freelanced one based on there.


  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the tip Brad. I’ve written to the guy who owns the site and hopefully I’ll have a link for you soon.

    I hope he hasn’t taken those pages down because the images and the reality that some Aussie modellers have achieved is amazing.


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